Bose QC35 with NFlightMic ANR Aviation Headset, Dual GA Plug (Rental)

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How it works:  The NFlightMic is an aviation microphone that can be attached to any headset using the included 3M Dual Lock.

Attaching the NFlightMic to the Bose QC25

The NFlightMic has a 2.5mm audio output that can be plugged into the headset's auxiliary audio input. 

Plugging the NFlightMic into the auxiliary audio input on the Bose QC25

The NFlightMic plugs into standard PJ or twin-plug jacks on any fixed-wing aircraft.  It is also available in helicopter version.   



Connections:  Standard twin-plug PJ-style 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch aviation connectors (or helicopter, according to your selection)

Audio output:  2.5mm, 3-pole male connector

Cable length:  2 meters or 78 inches

Audio output cable length:  10 centimeters or 4 inches

Flexible boom microphone length:  20 centimeters or 8 inches

Output volume:  adjustable

Attachment to headset:  3M Dual Lock circles  (3M adhesive is removable without a trace.)

Included accessories:  shirt clip for strain relief, two extra 3M Dual Lock pads


Noise-canceling electret

Frequency response: 200 Hz - 6000 Hz

Maximum SPL: 114 dB

Terminating impedance: 220-2200 ohms

Operating voltage: 8V-16V DC